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We are a progressive group of energetic professionals who deliver world class finest solutions to our valuable clients. Wolcane came into existence with a pioneering vision of “Simplifying Lives“ and help to build requisite talent for the emerging information based economy with a strong conviction in the power of inter-networking skills.

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Web development

What do we call a successful web application? There are four major parameters to be considered. First, the application must accurately, stably and productively fulfill its business function. Second, the app must be easy and cost-effective to maintain. Third, it must deliver positive user experience. And, most importantly, it should have a reasonable price — so that the benefits you receive are worth the expenses incurred, or, in other words, you should get an acceptable ROI.

Driven by the idea of uniting the 3 components mentioned above, Wolcane identifies the major areas that enable time-saving and cost-effective web application development — the ability to execute the project depending on its technology and business process complexity.

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If you are a website designer or someone who has access to a bunch of clients, and would like to add Search Engine Optimization as an addon service, there is little sense in trying to build a team of your own, as the fixed monthly costs, the cost of SEO tools and the cost of research can be back breaking. We will do all the dirty work for you, and deliver a white labeled report that you can forward to your client. We repeat, No Monthly commitments, No fixed costs!

We are among the most loved SEO outsourcing firms, and work with some of the best SEO consultants and Companies from around the world

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Ecommerce domain is a major area of Wolcane expertise. Our team focuses on interactive, highly functional tailored solution development for marketplaces, billing systems, payment processing and web stores. We have experience in building solutions for a variety of product types: consumer goods, downloadable content and media distribution, food ordering, business services, customer care and others.

It makes no sense any more to discuss what benefits online presence provides to your business. It is now about understanding the “competitive disadvantage” of not giving a customer an opportunity to search, compare and order online.

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